Stephan Zebe


Stephan Zebe

Stephan Zebe has been a well established composer and publisher of gospel and soul music for choirs since the 1980s. Born in 1966 in Cottbus (Germany), growing up in choral music settings, he started playing piano and double bass early and began writing his own compositions from a young age. He later studied sacred music in Halle (Saale). Considering gospel music as an integral part of sacred music, he founded the first gospel choir at the Halle School of Church Music and greatly influenced the developing gospel choir scene in Hamburg and Berlin. He also founded initiatives and created a wider network.
The powerful and modern sound achieved in his music with choirs and workshop groups, can be traced back to his strong Black Gospel Music influences. The series „Ultimate Gospel Choir Books“, published in 1993 under the pseudonym Jeff Guillen, was his first breakthrough on the road to success.

Stephan Zebe lives in Berlin and works in his own publishing firm composing, and arranging and publishing pieces by himself and other composers. He is also working as a choir leader and pianist for Gospel Music,  lecturer at the University of Music Berlin and in workshops.

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