Glory to God! PLUS.

Choir Workshop for Female Voices – Three extraordinary Songs in arrangements for female voices and piano accompaniment.

  • Let My Voice Be an Instrument of Praise (Gospel Ballad for S.S.A. and Piano)
  • Come, o Come Our Voices Raise (Uptempo Soulful Gospel Song for S.S.A. and Piano)
  • Ev’rybody Have a Good Time (Praising the Lord) (Gospel-Funk for S.S.A., Soloist and Piano, with audience participation)

Authors: Niko Schlenker, Jeff Guillen, Stephan Zebe
Arrangement: S.S.A., soloist, piano accompaniment, chord symbols
Difficulty: medium


Vocal Score
incl. vocal parts, chord symbols and cue notes (ZE 5060, ISBN 978-3-95423-032-7, A4, 10 pages) € 9,90 – from 10 cps. only € 3,95!