Life in 4D

„Schlenker’s brilliant music bridges the gab between old school and new school of Black Gospel Music.“ (Nathan Junor)

The choral arrangements are usually set in three voices and can be singed with 2 female and 1 male voices. Occasionally, one voice divides. The soprano sings mostly in the mezzo range, the baritons sing in the middle to higher register (up to e ‚).
There is also a special in this collection: „Peter’s Walk“, the story of Peter walking on water, set to music, for S.A.T.B. a cappella. A piano summary is noted here. Also the chord symbols, as in all other songs. This makes it possible to accompany all songs with a full band directly from the score.

CONTENT: I Give Thanks, I Will Always Sing to You, In His Name, Let My Voice Be an Instrument,  Life in 4D, Love Him Back, New Dimension, Peter’s Walk, The Lover of My Soul, We Have Decided,  We’ve Come to Praise

As usual, Schlenker skilfully serves the various niches of the genre … Even more traditional gospel fans will get their money’s worth with this CD.   (Chorzeit)

Composer: Niko Schlenker
Arrangement: S.A.T.B./S.A.Bar., Pno.
Difficulty: medium

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Full Score (ZE 5000, ISBN 978-3-940745-52-1, 76 pages) € 14,90

• Vocal Score (ZE 5001, ISBN 978-3-940745-53-8, from 15 pcs) € 6,90

• mp3-Download € 7,99
Feat. Dorrey Lin Lyles (Weather Girls), David B. Whitley (The Voice of Germany), Lisamay Lesch, Régine Nguetseng and Honoré Haase.

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