My Fortress – A Funky Praise (Funky Psalms)

Schoepsdau’s setting of Psalms 31 and 91 is full of jazzy harmony and funky rhythms and immediately brings Herbie Hancock and Singers Unlimited to mind. A rhythm section accompanies a three part choir consisting of soprano, alto and baritone.

While the piece as a whole lasts app. 17 mins, the three parts also can be performed well separately or enhance Schoepsdau’s jazz mass.


1. Those Who Dwell (Ps. 91)
2. Lord, In You I Trust (Ps. 31)
3. My Life Is In Your Hands (Ps. 31)

Author: Christoph Schoepsdau
Arragement: S.A.Bar., Dr, B, Pno, Git
Difficulty: medium



Availably Issues:

Full Score (ZE 4090, ISBN 978-3-940745-38-5, 48 pages) € 14,90

• Vocal Score (ZE 4091, ISBN 978-3-940745-39-2, only from 10 cps!) € 6,90

Instrumental Pak (ZE 4098) € 30,00

• mp3-Download  each € 0,99
feat. „Prisma Vokal“ and Markus Gueck

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