Barbara Schatz

Barbara Schatz was born in Halle (Saale) in 1956 and has been working as a lyricist since the 1960s. She discovered her talent for working with words at an early age and, in addition to playing the violin and guitar, began to combine language with sound in her band work. The special focus of her work is on setting biblical themes for musicals. Together with the composer Andreas Mücksch, she wrote “Joseph”, her first musical. Since then, several works with exciting stories have been published by ZebeMusic. She is also actively involved in directing and choreographing stage performances and studio recordings of her musicals.

In addition to her creative work, Barbara Schatz is strongly committed to social work with children and senior citizens. The life stories she learns in her work are a great source of inspiration for her song lyrics.


Barbara Schatz at ZebeMusic:
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