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1. ZebeMusic

1.1 How can I get in touch with ZebeMusic?

Via Contact Form
Per E-Mail: info@zebemusic.com
Per Phone: +49 (0)30 310 167 50
Per Fax: +49 (0)30 310 167 51

1.2 What kind of music does ZebeMusic publish?

ZebeMusic publishes popular sacred choral music and instrumental music.
ZebeMusic products are divided into the following categories Jazz, Gospel and Musical.

1.3 Which products can I use for my choir work?

Full scores with vocal and accompanying parts are available for choir directors. Choir editions with all vocal parts and lyrics are available for the choir. Parts or instrumental excerpts summarised according to voice groups are available for instrumentalists. Most of the titles can be downloaded as audio files in mp3 format.

1.4 Can I become a fan of ZebeMusic via a social network?

ZebeMusic is represented on Facebook.
Follow us also on Instagram, X and Youtube.

2. Order

2.1 How can I order products from ZebeMusic?

Orders can be placed via specialist music or bookshops. Direct orders can be placed via our webshop, contact form, by email or by telephone +49 (0)30 310 167 50. All products shown as available are available for immediate delivery.

2.2 Where can I find a specialist dealer near me?

You can find a specialist dealer near you via the specialist dealer search on www.noten-vor-ort.de.

2.3 Can I also download audio files from the Internet?

Individual songs can be purchased and downloaded via our Web Shop.

2.4 Can I also buy and download sheet music on the Internet?

Many scores can be purchased in our webshop and printed out directly. We are constantly expanding this offer.

2.5 Can I buy just one specific song from a music book?

All titles published by ZebeMusic can be ordered separately as single editions as choir set.

2.6 Is there a minimum order quantity?

Choir editions (Vocals Scores) and individual editions can only be ordered in choir quantities of 15 or more.

3. Delivery

3.1 How is delivery organised and who pays the shipping costs?

Orders are usually delivered within two days as a book shipment, small parcel, package or postal parcel. The flat-rate delivery charge is EUR 3,00 within Germany and EUR 6.00 outside Germany. From an order value of EUR 50.00 we deliver free of charge within Germany, from EUR 70.00 free of charge outside Germany. From time to time there are special offers with free delivery. These will be announced on our publisher’s website and in the social networks.

4. Paying

4.1 Is there a list of prices and products?

Prices, products and graduated prices can be found in our current price list. Price promotions are announced separately on our publisher’s website.

4.2 Are the advertised prices fixed?

Under German law, sheet music is subject to fixed book prices.

4.3 Payment methods

We collect by direct debit on authorisation at our own expense. You can also pay by bank transfer. Any bank charges incurred shall be borne by the customer. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress Cards. You can also pay via Paypal.

5. Exchange

5.1 Can I return delivered goods?

The orders are generally fixed. Returns will only be accepted after consultation or within the framework of the legal regulations.

5.2 Are there any exceptions?

In exceptional cases, the publisher may be consulted. There is a statutory 14-day right of return for internet orders. The books and other goods must be returned in perfect condition, shrink-wrapped goods must be returned unopened.

5.3 Can I exchange goods?

Exchanges are generally excluded, with the exception of faulty goods. Defective goods can be claimed within two weeks of dispatch and returned in the cheapest possible way at the publisher’s expense.

5.4 Can I exchange a full score with an anti-copy point (ACP)?

When purchasing the corresponding choral editions or individual editions in choral size, a full score can be exchanged for a score without ACP free of charge or reordered.

6. Copying

6.1 May I copy content and products published by ZebeMusic?

It is strictly forbidden to reproduce sheet music, lyrics, images or music without authorisation. However, special authorisations can be granted in consultation with the publisher.

6.2 Can I order official copies of content published by ZebeMusic?

Official publisher’s copies can be purchased on request.

6.3 May I edit content and products published by ZebeMusic?

Our works may only be used for your own purposes within the usual framework. This does not give rise to any further rights or claims as the author.

6.4 May I create and publish audio recordings of works by ZebeMusic?

All works published by ZebeMusic are administered by Gema. Licensing by Gema is required for reproduction on sound carriers (CD, DVD, etc.). Publications on Youtube are permitted without further authorisation.

7. Performance

7.1 Do I have to register a performance of works by ZebeMusic?

All works to be performed must be reported to Gema. We would be pleased to receive a copy of the message by e-mail.

7.2 I have a lump sum (e.g. church, school, choir association), do I still have to report it?

The notification must also be made if a lump sum has been agreed with the collecting society (e.g. Gema).

7.3 Do I have to register a stage performance (e.g. a Musical)?

In the case of performances of the Great Right (musicals, etc.), the performance must be reported to ZebeMusic. Royalties become due. You can request a registration form by telephone or e-mail or download and print it out in the download area. You can also report informally by email.

7.4 Does ZebeMusic support me in promoting my performance?

ZebeMusic provides image files free of charge and announces its event on its own website or in social networks.

8. Interaction

8.1 Can I book authors from ZebeMusic for the workshop?

You can book some of our authors for workshops on request. Please get in touch with us for this. Information page: Workshops with Niko Schlenker Information page: Workshops with Stephan Zebe

8.2 Can I have my own compositions published by ZebeMusic?

ZebeMusic is always interested in collaborating with new composers! Please get in touch with us for this.

8.3 Can I sell Zebe products myself?

ZebeMusic products are sold through specialised dealers. We also support book tables and similar sales campaigns in communities, schools and other organisations. Please get in touch with us for this.

8.4 Can I do an internship at ZebeMusic?

We are always looking for interns who are interested in the professional field of publishing and concert management and want to gain practical experience. Active collaboration is possible in the categories of editing, production, desktop publishing, marketing, sales, accounting, etc. If you are interested, please send us an e-mail.

8.5 May I express my opinion?

Of course, with pleasure! We are happy to receive and evaluate praise and criticism. Their opinions give us the chance to keep improving. You and your colleagues will benefit from this.

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