Markus Gück

Markus Gück

Markus Gück, born in 1974, comes from Kassel, where he has been taking oboe lessons since the age of 11 and has gained formative experience in the church music category as well as in school musical productions. At the age of 16, he began training as a choirmaster in Schlüchtern, which was later supplemented by further training as a C-cantor for popular music. He wrote his first compositions for band, musical songs and choral arrangements. From 1996, Markus Gück studied school music at the Mainz University of Music, followed by a diploma degree until 2001. During these years, his education was characterised by classical projects (oboe, ensemble conducting, singing), but also by popular music (saxophone, piano), jazz and gospel in particular.

From 2000 to 2016, Markus Gück directed the vocal ensemble Prisma vokal, with which he developed a unique “gospel jazz” profile in the Rhine-Main region. His arrangements for the choir were performed for many years in concerts and church services, and later also recorded. The album GospelJazz and the choral arrangement Die Nacht ist vorgedrungen were released by ZebeMusic.

Markus Gück has been working as a teacher at a Wiesbaden grammar school specialising in music since 2003, where he leads the nationally renowned big band in the jazz department. In his parish (Auferstehungskirche Mainz), he is the church music director and arranges music for various groups (CrossOver band, string ensemble, children’s choir, children’s musical). He is also musically active in new ensembles, for example as a pianist with the Sacred Jazz Quartet or as a singer and pianist with the vocal trio GoodCompany.

The focus of his work is the creative combination of musical genres and their musicians in the sense of a lively encounter: this applies to concerts as well as classrooms and church services.


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