Stefan Hanke

Stefan Hanke, who comes from a musical family, was born in 1965 in Werdohl in the Sauerland region of Germany and moved to Hamburg at a young age. He learnt to play the violin, piano and recorder. Through his constant contact with music and dance at Waldorf school, he was particularly influenced by music education. He quickly found great joy in passing on musical values to others through his educational work. He began giving violin lessons from the age of thirteen. After school, he studied music at the Lübek and Hanover colleges, as well as with Professor Hamann and Professor Stricharz in Hamburg. He also studied educational science at the University of Hamburg. Since then, Stefan Hanke has worked as a freelance composer and music teacher.

In the 1980s, he founded the group for expressive dance and the chamber orchestra of the Martin Luther King Church in Hamburg-Steilshoop. He is currently working in Hamburg with the “JeKi” projects to promote music and is involved in a number of open creative projects with children and young people. In his work as a composer, he attaches particular importance to individuality and musical standards. His other compositions include the “Christophorus Cantata”, “Ich habe einen Traum” and “Die Herbstovertüre”.

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