Life in 4D

Gospel music describes life in the 4th dimension – life with God. In his new collection, Niko Schlenker also finds the right tone for this topic. 11 songs full of character are simply fun and hit singers and listeners right in the heart.

“Fans of Niko Schlenker will love it and with this booklet there will definitely be more!”   (Musik+message)

“As usual, Schlenker skilfully serves the various niches of the genre… Even more traditional gospel fans will get their money’s worth with this CD.”   (Chorzeit)

In this fifth volume of the series, the focus is on the “fourth dimension”, the life of faith. Schlenker’s texts bear witness to some experience with this, and his knowledge of biblical content substantiates this in a special way. Musically, the gospel style is ingeniously coloured, sometimes with reggae, at other times with West Coast soul à la Maze or Earth, Wind & Fire, then again in a touching ballad. This is fun and is itself proof of this special spiritual level.

The choral movements are mostly in three parts and can be sung by two female and one male voice. Occasionally one voice part is divided. The soprano part sings mostly in the mezzo range, the baritones sing in the middle to higher register (up to e’). There is also a special in this collection: “Peter’s Walk”, the story of Peter walking on the water, set to music for S.A.T.B. a cappella. A piano summary is notated here. The chord symbols are also included, as in all the other songs. This makes it possible to accompany all songs with full band directly from the score. Choral movements and soloists come into their own particularly well with the notated piano accompaniment. The fact that Niko Schlenker himself is an excellent gospel pianist who is often invited to studio and concert productions also benefits the piano part in “Life in 4D”. The accompaniment has been carefully worked out, is clear and easy to play and Schlenker’s optional fills are a treat for any pianist who wants to imitate him! The appendix to the sheet music editions contains notes on the songs in German. This is helpful for rehearsals and can be used in church services and concerts as an indication of the content for the audience. These pages are already included in the downloadable rehearsal score.

CONTENTS: I Give Thanks, I Will Always Sing to You, In His Name, Let My Voice Be an Instrument,  Life in 4D, Love Him Back, New Dimension, Peter’s Walk, The Lover of My Soul, We Have Decided,  We’ve Come to Praise

Author: Niko Schlenker
Instrumentation: S.A.T.B./S.A.Bar., Pno.
Difficulty: medium

Sample Score >>> 
Audio Sample >>>  (Vocals and piano accompaniment)

Available versions:

•  Full Score (ZE 5000, ISBN 978-3-940745-52-1, 76 pages) € 14.90
This edition contains the sheet music for choir, soloists and piano. Chord symbols are notated for other accompanying or solo instruments.

•  Vocal Score (ZE 5001, ISBN 978-3-940745-53-8, only as choir set!) € 6,90
The affordable choir edition of Niko Schlenker’s collection “Life in 4D” with all 11 songs! The booklet contains the entire vocal part without the piano accompaniment.

•  Album Mp3 Download in 320-kBit quality! € 7,99
Top-class soloists present a piece of the fourth dimension, life in faith:
Dorrey Lin Lyles (Weather Girls), David B. Whitley (The Voice of Germany), Lisamay Lesch, Régine Nguetseng and Honoré Haase enhance the wonderful arrangements with their unique voices and put their passion and heart and soul into them.

•  Playback Album Mp3 Download  € 19,99
All songs of the edition in original instrumentation. Best sound quality for rehearsals and performances!


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