Greater Than Anything

A collection that inspires choirs and workshops with a number of top titles – this is the third edition in the successful series “Contemporary Gospel Music by Niko Schlenker”.
The uptempo gospel “I’ve Got Joy” is just as popular with the release of “Greater Than Anything” as the 3/4 gospel song “Wait” or the incredibly dynamic and exciting “Coming to You”. A masterpiece by Niko Schlenker!

11 gospel songs for concert and church service, workshop and CD. Musikalisch und inhaltlich auf den Punkt gebrachtes Evangelium, das packt, berührt und ankommt.
Composed for three-part mixed choir (S.A.Bar.) and soloists (ad lib.) with accompaniment.

Absolutely thrilling.
(Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger)

Musically high quality, sophisticated rhythms, accurately sung and played, jazzy brass sections and creative ideas in the arrangements make listening a pleasure. (Geist bewegt!)

Schlenker’s brilliant music bridges the gap between old school and new school of Black Gospel Music.(Nathan Junor, Conductor & Composer – CAN)

CONTENTS: Coming To You, Ev’ryday, God Gives Back, Greater Than Anything, Hallelujah, I’m a Witness, I’ve Got Joy, Jeremiah, Praise Him, Wait, Walk Before Me
BONUS TRACK: Be Encouraged (Extended Version)

Author: Niko Schlenker
Instrumentation: S.A.T.B./S.A.Bar., Pno.
Difficulty: medium

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Available versions:

Full Score w/ CD(ZE 4079, ISBN 978-3-940745-71-2) € 29,80 € 26,90
This package includes the full score and the CD, with great interpretations by Niko Schlenker, Yasmina Hunzinger, Chris Lass, Boysie White, Nathan Junor, Angelika Rehaag, Honorè Haase, Claudine Abusu, Buki Domingos and many more!

• Full Score (ZE 4070, ISBN 978-3-940745-50-7, 66 pages ) € 14,90
This edition contains the sheet music for choir, soloists and piano. Chord symbols are notated for other accompanying or solo instruments.

• Vocal Score (ZE 4071, ISBN 978-3-940745-51-4, 36 pages, only as choir set!) € 6,90
The affordable choir edition of Niko Schlenker’s collection “Greater Than Anything” with all 11 songs! The booklet contains the entire vocal part without the piano accompaniment.

• CD (ZE 4077, ISBN 978-3-940745-56-9) € 14,90
Niko Schlenker and many of his musician friends: feat. Yasmina Hunzinger, Chris Lass, Boysie White, Nathan Junor, Angelika Rehaag, Honorè Haase, Claudine Abusu, Buki Domingos, The LivinGospel Choir, The Gospel Family of Christ, NewLife Gospel Choir and many more!

• Playback CD (ZE 4075, ISBN 978-3-940745-72-9) € 29,90
The playback CD contains all the songs from the edition in the original instrumentation. Best sound quality for rehearsals and performances!

Here you can download the sheet music and mp3 files of the audio and playback CD. Audio CD € 7,99 / Playback CD € 19,99

Single songs as audio and playback mp3 and sheet music
Each song is also available individually HERE .

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