get the gospel

13 new songs for mixed choir, written by top choir composers, are the content of “get the gospel”. In view of the situation in the world, there is a thematic focus with prayers for peace. The songs are accompanied by piano and soloists are used. The style of the songs is diverse: In addition to typical gospel and spiritual songs, there are also crossover, African gospel and worship songs.

This book was also official material for a choir festival of the Association for Christian Popular Music in Bavaria.

CONTENTS: Akekho Ofana No Jesu (Micha Keding), Bittruf für Frieden (Stephan Zebe), Come On! (Micha Keding), Gospel Train (Niko Schlenker), May Almighty God (Joachim Dierks), May we shout for joy (Michael Martin), Oh My Lord (Bastian Pusch), Peace (Bastian Pusch), Prayer for peace (Michael Martin), You Are the Light Shining on Me (Hubert Zaindl), You Are The Light, Micha Keding), Your Love Is Greater (Micha Keding)


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Authors: Joachim Dierks, Micha Keding, Bastian Pusch, Hubert Zaindl, Michael Martin, Niko Schlenker, Stephan Zebe
Instrumentation: S.A.T.B., soloist, piano
Level of difficulty: easy-medium

• Songbook (ZE 5061, 978-3-95423-043-3, 52 pages) € 12,90
Bulk Price from 10 pieces: € 9,90 / from 25: € 6,90

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